At iHubOnline, we support others do journalism better and simpler. We help media institutions and practitioners build skills and competencies in some aspects of journalism. We take special interest in digital media, artificial intelligence (AI), building tools crafted to suit specific needs of journalists and journalism.

About us

iHubOnline is a dynamic media technology startup positioned at the convergence of technology, media sustainability, and content creation. We are more than just journalists; we're dedicated champions of journalism through innovation. Our mission is to cultivate an environment where journalism professionals can flourish, enabling them to consistently produce top-notch, influential content via our cutting-edge products.

Connect With Us

We value your input! Please take a moment to share your thoughts with us by completing this form. Whether it's about your experience as a user of our tools, you have questions about our services or want to enhance your understanding our Generative AI tools in the context of journalism, we are eager to hear from you. If you want to test our password-protected tools, let us know as well!

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