DefScan - Defamation Detection and Removal

How can I scan for defamatory content using the DefScan?

The DefScan is an app designed to check draft articles for defamatory elements in a story. Using the DefScan app is as follows:

1. Open the App:
   - Launch the DefScan app on your device.

2. Access "Scan Article" Section:
   - Find and click on the "Scan Article" section.

3. Paste Draft Copy:
   - Copy your draft article and paste it into the top text area.

4. Initiate Scan:
   - Click on "Scan for defamation risks" to start the analysis.

5. Wait for Analysis:
   - Allow the app to analyze the draft for potential defamation risks.

6. View Recommendations:
   - Review the generated recommendations for potential defamatory elements in the text area.

Always take charge of the final decisions as a human journalist. The AI recommendations should always be considered as inconclusive guidance.