Budget Tracker - Data Journalism for Public Finance

How do I use the Budget Tracker for Data Journalism?

Budget Tracker is a data journalism tool engineered to enhance help journalists understand the Malawi National Budget.  

Data Collection:

Begin by gathering all the necessary data from revelant budget documents. 

Data Upload:

  • Enter relevant data as prompted from your mobile device, iPad, tablet, or computer.
  • Click the "Generate Report" button to initiate the process. Please note that this step may require some processing time; your patience is appreciated.
  • Text will populate in the text area after a few seconds.  


Input your specific question into the space provided  to facilitate engaging with AI for better budget analysis.

Data Analysis:

Click "Ask"  to generate a response. You can ask questions as needed to deepen your engagement.

Always verify responses provided.

Note: This app is still in production.