AiDitor [Story Editing & Generating Illustrations]

How do I use AiDitor?

The AiDitor is an LLM-based application designed to improve the quality of your news stories and generate illustrations to run along the text. To successfully achieve this, undertake the tasks as outlined below:

Task 1: Text Input

Users easily input their raw text into the designated text area.

Task 2: Initiating Editorial Process

Click 'Perform Editorial Tasks' to begin the AI-driven editing process and the AI engine will take over to refine the content. 

Task 3: Streamlined Editing

The AiDitor will leverage AI capabilities to efficiently: refine grammar, improves clarity and optimizes content delivery resulting in polished and refined content that resonates with readers.

Task 4: Artistic Impressions

Images will be generated automatically. Users generate customised artistic impressions to achieve the desirable visual appeal to stories and enhance their overall quality. 

Task 5: Visual Adjustments

AI tools are not perfect. The first time is not usually impressive. The 'Recreate' option is available to allow users to fine-tune visuals to match their specific vision.