PodCooker - A Hybrid Podcast Production Tool

How do I use the PodCooker?

The PodCooker is an app that leverages latest Text-to-Audio (TTA) functionalities. 
Using synthetic and real voices, the PodCooker makes the podcast production process intuitive. This latest app has several key features including the following:

1. AI Voice Assistants: The PodCooker users can use up to six AI voice assistants. Also, users are spoilt for choice on the "presenter" they want for a particular assignment. There is Irene, Maggie, Monica, Luke and Andy.

2. Audio Generation: Generating audio is straightforward – users clicking the 'Generate Audio' button. Viola!   

3. Sound Enhancements: PodCooker provides two dedicated spaces for playback insertions. This allows addition of soundbites, reports, or music to improve production quality.

4. Recording: The PodCooker has the option for recording for archiving. 

5. Multi-Track Support: Users can work with many tracks in the app. Mixer-like features like "audio fade in," "audio fade out," and "reset". These features empower users to control audio overlays in their podcasts.