iHubOnline Gets Microsoft Support for Local Language AI Project

We are excited to have been accepted into the Microsoft Founders Startup Hub. Under this program, Microsoft will provide numerous resources to help us develop AI-powered tools in the local language Chichewa.

The resources, which include free credits for OpenAI, will help us to develop and finetune an English-to-Chichewa translation model.

In relation to journalism, we aim to make production of news content for Chichewa speaking audiences a breeze, leveraging on the work we have started.

Although considered a low-resource language in the world of Large Language Models (LLMs), Chichewa is spoken by millions in Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Broadcasters such as Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), SABC’s Channel Africa, and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) publish their content in this language across the region.

At iHubOnline, we give prominence to the concept of "glocalisation". Glocalisation is all about the adaptation of global ideas to fit and appeal to local context.

In line with this initiative, we will upgrade our AI-powered tools to reflect the needs of our local audiences. 

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iHubOnline Founder Speaks at Global AI Festival

Journalists from across the globe on 5th and 6th December 2023 attended the JournalismAI Festival to discuss the intersection between journalism and artificial intelligence (AI).

Our founder Mallick Mnela was among the speakers at the Festival. 

"I'm excited to have joined the 2023 JournalismAI Festival as a panelist showcasing AI innovations in journalism across the world. 

"During our talk, I shared what I learned from the JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms early this year and how it has shaped our use of AI at iHubOnline," he said.

Event organiser Selina Swift said the Festival drew journalists, media innovators, and AI experts from across the world to show case the impact of the JournalismAI project.

"The Festival offered media players the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences," said Swift.

This project is run by JournalismAI at the London School of Economics, backed by funding from the Google News Initiative.

iHubOnline in Global AI Programme

Mallick Mnela, iHubOnline co-founder, was one of the participants in the 2023 JournalismAI Academy for Small Newsrooms at the Polis, London School of Economics (LSE).

Read the story here.


iHubOnline's AI Chatbot Earns Jamlab Mention

Our AI-powered Chatbot got the attention of Jamlab where we were featured. Read the details here


About us

At the height of COVID-19, we made impact, read how it happened here.


iHubOnline, Nation Form Partnership

iHubOnline entered into a partnership with Publications Limited (NPL) to enhance the company's audio-visual capabilities on its digital platforms. Here is one of the stories published.

Global Journalism Body Recognises iHubOnline's Work 

We were featured on the global ijnet page for our efforts to empower journalists with low-cost broadcasting solutions through a YouTube series on low-cost broadcasting techniques for under-resourced broadcasters in Malawi and elsewhere. Read more here:


iHubOnline in ICFJ's Global News Business Training Programme

iHubOnline was among news leaders from 18 countries supercharged in this year's ICFJ's Elavate Programme. The programme is designed to build stronger, more resilient media outlets. Read more here

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iHubOnline Participates in Media Regional AI Conference

3rd October, 2023: Our co-founder, Mary Jane-Kadewere, discussed innovation in the newsroom in Southern Africa at the Conference on the Future of Journalism Education in Southern Africa in the Empowering African AI section.

She presented iHubOnline's AI pathway, emphasizing the importance of cost-effective bespoke AI tools like Journalyser, Visualyser, and A2Tgpt. 

During the Q&A, there was interest in AI tools that use local languages such as Chichewa. She explained that the performance of local languages like Chichewa is hindered by online legacy challenges, such as limited access to Chichewa content online.

The conference was jointly organised by the Namibia Media Trust, Misa Malawi, CITE, DW Akademie, and MISA Malawi.